Nov 19, 2018

I just got back from a three day conference for which I received a scholarship to attend for my artwork in animation. It's not so much that I'm really good at it, but I'm a student for one more week, and my teacher was kind to write something up for me to attend so that I could get more information by student research. They past out a lot of stickers, business cards and even buttons, which came in handy as I happened to have grabbed the nearest backpack that looked artsy in my RV so that I could carry lightly through the exhibitions, but noticed when I was using it, that it had been compromised.

Occasionally, I would hear little sounds behind me like a pen dropping, yup, it was mine. I discovered that my cloth backpack with multiple colors and textures had been a target for mice. It  had 5 or 6 holes in the bottom and I quickly used those buttons that I got at the convention to seal up the holes so that I would not lose any more pens or loose change.

When I got home to my RV, I noticed that those same mice must've been having a vacation in my kitchen area. I'm exhausted now after doing laundry, cleaning up the floor and throwing out little bags of oatmeal my mom would often gift me when I would go on a quick vacation. Yes, the mice ate through the ziplock bags and that last little handful of an oatmeal snack, was now being spread out in the garden for the birds, squirrels or what ever wild life animal needed, yes, even the mice. They can eat outside, but not inside my place. I hate to throw out food, but if its no longer good to eat, and something has gotten into it to taint what was once good, then that's when it becomes trash.

Early this morning, I found a new email newsletter that I had subscribed to when I was taking astronomy and wanted to know about those blood moons. I had to make a comment on her blog  because it actually made me mad to see how the woman was leading people astray with her over spiritualizing some bazaar event that happened in her town in Texas. She says that "many people saw fireballs in the sky in Texas". I assumed that those are directed energy tests from the military and not angels that she was ascribing that bazaar event to because I do often read what is going on with the militarization and chemical warfare in geo engineering, and I know that those fireballs were not "a supernatural sign from God that the angels were coming to earth". She used a scripture that said, "He makes His messengers a flame of fire." I rather interpret that to mean "the words that His messengers speak can devour the chaos of false teaching, eating up the lies with fire."

At one naive time in my life, that newsletter could have been considered some "good spiritual food" to feed the beasts, but now that I'm realizing that I'm not "a beast"(aka "Human being" according to the Roman definition and how they claim rulership over the ignorant masses) that isn't something I consider to be something to eat, but instead trash and leading the people astray.

So, I posted a reply to the lady's blog and hope that it makes it up there to let the people know that what she is saying is trash and not to eat it. If some decide to eat it, then they are ignorant "beasts" that belong out in the field, of "The World", but I live and dwell inside "The House" and although this RV living maybe possibly temporary for now, from listening to prior false teaching at a local church in Moorpark, that caused me to be stolen from and lose my beautiful home, I'm no longer "eating all things" that appear as if it is good food to eat. It maybe was once good food to begin with, but the thieves broke in and destroyed the good and now it's only meant to be tossed out for other scavengers.

"It's the little foxes that spoil the holes" and I'm closing up the areas of entry for those rodents to enter in. My ears, eyes, mind and heart can easily be the entry ways for invaders to come in to kill, steal and destroy, but I won't allow them to come in and ravage my temple, my spirit's earthly home, my body/my mind. Critical thinking, knowing of the truth and action must take place to defend the fortress of true peace.

I'm often reminded that the ancient Hebrew pictograph shows the word Shalom to be Shin, teeth that devour and destroy, the Lamed as a shepherd's staff symbolizing authority, the Uau is the tent peg or nail that attaches things to things, and the Mem is the last letter in Shalom showing a pictograph of the crashing waves of the ocean that mean chaos.

So to "destroy authority attached to chaos" one must be critically thinking when a so called authority is teaching you something, because if you know the truth, then the truth will make you free from the bondages that the false teacher is attempting to snare you with in order to steal from you and knowing the truth will give one true peace. Not the false peace that the world gives. Now I must go to work and be my name/character and function.

ChaYah Shalom