The god of this world's system, satan comes as an angel of light. It's time to wake up that obfuscation and subterfuge are being used in plain sight in order to take captive souls and lead them into further darkness. 

It's time that the sleeping giant of the set apart ones recognizes that the "church" is not the same as the set apart ones. Why are we to be set apart from this "world's system"? Is "the world" in the church? Indoctrination can be so subtle that you do not know it is being done. Have you researched how many innocent are being "taken captive" to abuse and false teaching? 

One way for a person to "naturally discern that there is a problem" is being taken away from individuals by introducing dogma. Twisted teaching/iniquity is being taught to people to "suspend judgement", or ignore warning signs or feelings that cause reactions. 

The false teachers get you to ignore these senses telling you that "we are to not walk by how we feel" which is true to a point as our emotions can vary from moment to moment and easily become manipulated. We don't want to go and literally punch someone when we are angry even though the thought comes to do so, yet, to deny that there are transgressions being committed against the soul, one is to listen to how something is causing you to feel then examine what is the cause behind the trigger.

 Many micro traumas done on repeated exposure can desensitize a person to not understand their own feelings. Many traumatic events such as public embarrassment, violence, shock, loss, etc. can cause harm and damage to a person's pyche. ie. They are afraid, yet they love? It can be a confusing and twisted up construct embedded into someone's heart (emotions) and mind (psyche) based on "programming" and "conditioning" in order to gain control of a person. 

The ultimate goal is power and dominance over others and this tactic is used in the world's system and is a distortion of the truth. Ephesians 6 tells us that "we wrestle not with flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places."

The types of experiments with mind control abuse were done in Nazi camps and still continue today in more subtle ways that lure children through movies, cartoons, tell-a-vision "programming" and in households with twisted understanding or misunderstanding of how to treat people.Many people are not aware that they have been deceived by these covert practices and the masses still believe the propaganda that was fed to them under the guise of knowledge. 

It's time to do your research and study to show yourselves approved.  A study of media manipulation and research of freemasonry programming will show that these practices are deceptive in order to captivate the minds and hearts of the people. 

Satan's agenda is to distract and detour from the truth. Knowing what the enemy is up to, is information to be more aware but we must expose the deeds of darkness and push it out. We are to shine the light on the darkness and therefore while exposing the dark, we must bring the truth and correction 70 x 7 forgiving, meaning teaching the truth and enforcing right understanding over the false teaching. 

This also has entered into "the emergent church movement" which brings all faiths together to co-exist and "waters down the message of the truth of obedience to YHWH's/God's truth" into "secularization" of churches which have done away with the teaching of truth. 

Most churches today do not teach the 10 commandments nor the truth of YHWH's /God's law. These leaders may not know what they are doing because they too may have been inseminated with false teaching in seminary schools or other training centers that they had attended in order to become an authority in their non profit organization. 

Then there are those leaders who are Jesuits or Freemasons who are aware of infiltrating and having a pretense to lead many, they lead them astray. This is the work of darkness and they are luciferians. Beware of false teaching.