The Quick Fix For Healing Your Marriage, even when you're not sure you want it.


Knowledge is the key to know one's self. The bottom line- Marriage is spiritual. You need to know the truth about spiritual involvements.

In our society, we've taken spirituality out of humans. There is a great spiritual ignorance. 

A wedding ceremony with vows, is the agreement/contract of joining two together as one, in a spiritual covenant before our Creator and witnesses. 

The consummation of intercourse is the gift designed for the combining together of the two souls to become one flesh, entwined in the powerful emotional experience in spiritual, set apart/holy matrimony, we vow, "until death do we part." Marriage is a lifelong commitment, until the death of one of the partners. In our society, it is common that many divorce and remarry others while their first spouse is still alive. The design of holy matrimony is for one man and one woman for life. Our society redefines marriage, yet the consequences and problems are curses and not blessings. 

Some may rationalize and separate selves from our own vows/words by changing the meaning to mean, "until the death of the love that I feel for this person" or "until I find someone else more attractive, more intelligent, more mature etc. comes along". But this changing of the meaning shows a lack of integrity and many fall prey to the popular practices in socialization in the society in which one lives. 

Adversely, staying together in a dysfunctional system without intervention can also prove hazardous and is also not something acceptable.

Why does it initially hurt so badly when we cannot get along and instead choose to distance ourselves from the one we made vows with? 

Or, why does it feel great when people who are choosing to leave the marriage vows divorce and plan to "move on"? 

Because they are not subjecting themselves to the sins of the emotional, sometimes physical or mental abuse that tends to happen when both cannot work together in unity. This is a good thing to not subject or allow sins and trespasses and intervention must take place. Discipline and discipleship has to happen in order for change to happen.  A changing of the mindset and ways has to happen in order for a solution to be agreeable. Compromise is not the answer. Both must find agreeable terms as in any venture when two parties join in a contract.

It is the absence of "knowing the vision" of what it is that we want and it also is the way that we treat one another when we do not know what it is what we want. That is the main culprit. Remember the Golden Rule? "Do as to others what you would want done to you."

Life is an adventure and we don't always know what to do when we become lost. That is why we have a partner to help us in this journey. When one of us is mad, hurt, sad, angry or disappointed at the other, do we tell the other how we are feeling about what they are doing or not doing? Do we tell the other that we feel lost or afraid and don't know what to do?  Or do they just feel our wrath? 

The real problem is that we have problems communicating how we feel. We have problems connecting and understanding one another. We have problems ourselves knowing what it is that we are to do and we don't know how to humble ourselves by telling the other that we need to learn more and grow up into maturity.

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Abuse - mental, physical, sexual, emotional






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