Click on this link below to see the story of the man at the Gadarenes with Legion. How did this man get this way? How did he end up being uncontrollable and eventually chained by others to contain him? Most likely, he was a victim of abuse or could have opened up the door to the demonic by legal right doing some type of crime, knowingly or unknowingly.

When people are victims, it is not always their fault. Many times people "trust others" because the perpetrator begs for that "opportunity". The perpetrator, although physically could appear older and wiser is not mature but rebellious. It isn't necessarily either one's fault when being ignorant to the many devices of false teaching being taught to them, known or unknown. 

Many people have not had proper teaching in instruction in righteousness, nor had people who really cared about them to lay down their lives for others who need to learn the truth. But we who are spiritual are called to lay down our lives for the sheep.

Perpetrators can feel that they have "license" to abuse others when they hear that "they cannot do anything more for God to love them less."  The twisting of concepts taught in the pulpit or by leaders that teach error do much harm to not only the perpetrators, but will also be enabling the perpetrator to harm the rest of YaHuWaH's/(God's) flock. This is called public corruption by means of indoctrination. It is the same as in Stalin's & Hitler's brainwashing technique to "tell lies over and over again and eventually people will believe them". 

We must confront and teach the truth. This is called "forgiving one for their ignorance". If we who are spiritual do not push out darkness/ignorance with the teaching/"forgiving for ignorance"  with the light of truth, then "the kingdom of heaven will be taken by the violent, and they take it by force". 

The hegemony of "religion"/religious spirit is very violent and does not care about the people or the spirit/reason for the commandments to be followed and obeyed, just the appearance of conformity to what appears to observe minimally, within legal rights, but not caring about the principle or the people whom the commandments are made to protect. 

Somehow we have become lulled to sleep with much of the poisonous teaching and have weakened under the seduction of the false teaching. We must differentiate the difference between carnal teaching which is soul teaching and weaker vessel versus the truth meaning of spiritual teaching which places all on a level plane of equality. God is no respecter of persons. We too are to be like Him in His attributes and speak for those who have no voice. 

Everyone can commit crimes and everyone can become a victim and we must learn the truth so that we can overcome the enmity against God in our own minds and hearts. Interpreting scripture can be tricky, this appears to be literal but could also be parabolic duality in a figurative language. Consider, "New heavens (higher places in the mind) and new earth (heart)." For further study refer to the word and study about the words heart and mind in reference to the higher places and the belly of a man. There are many Hebrew idioms that we may need to consider when understanding the spirit behind the letter.

We are spirit and we are not to be walking according to the flesh like "the world's system" does teaching about gender bias, economic stratification/ positional authority or race. We have these things in the world but we are not to be following after or being led by the soul or flesh/carnal teaching. We are to operate in spirit and understand the spirit behind all of God's laws for His people and His who are joining in the ingrafting process.  If you look away and not become involved, what differentiates you from the religious who looked the other way and crossed the other side of the road when they saw a man beaten and robbed on the other side of the street in the parable of the Good Samaritan?

 Perpetrators do not come with a sign on them saying, stay away from me I am going to harm you. It is access to an individual that can cause transgression to another. Many become victims in places that teach false teaching. Many now are teaching "another gospel" under the guise of the word "grace" when in all actuality they misinterpret that word grace as if it means lawlessness.But it does not give you "the go past jail card" to do whatever you want and continue in sin. Many are not aware. 

Forgiveness means that we confront those in sin and teach them repeatedly as YHWH's mercy and long suffering desires that they will come back to Him in the truth and not the lies. 70 x 7 until they become perfected in the truth.  Two perfect numbers are comprised to make 70, 7 meaning perfection & 10 representing the completeness of YHWH's (God's) law. Until we come to maturity in following Our Creator's commandments we are to continue to run the race for the prize of the upward call of growing up in Christ. We need to keep feeding the sheep truth not lies.

Pastors can have an appeal to authority and many have been abused by priests and other leaders in congregations. When innocent children or innocent people are at the hands of corrupt leaders, parents, or those who are supposed to be protecting the innocents, harm can be done that is cumulative even if it is just a one time event. Anger opens the door to abandonment, low self esteem, bad behavior and more. Pastors and leaders it is time for you to examine if you have given bad advice or caused the break up of families or other crisis in others.

"The Mind is like a big hotel with many rooms inside." Bob Larson talks about the differences to help leaders and how to know the difference between the demonic, mental illness and psychological compartmentalization.

Schizophrenia, - Out of touch with reality. 

Dissociative Identity Disorder- Maintaining an alternate personality to deal with trauma(s)

Evil alter- deceived in it's thinking and can be demonized. Alter ego state needs to surrender. A psychologically unredeemed part of the psyche.   click on this link to see the demonic in a person and how an emotional event caused her to have trauma. 

Hurt souls, addictions covering up mental illness. We are called to set the captives free by teaching and "forgiving those for their ignorance" by teaching the truth. Not to further twist up doctrine saying that "there is no such thing as sin because "Jesus" paid for it all." Some go as far to teach in their congregation that "If man sins, God sins."   feb 2016 false teaching by a "pastor".

This is blasphemy and total wrong teaching and this is very important and needs to be addressed. I am addressing this and I am forgiving all of the pastors by showing them that this is not acceptable. Nor is this the truth. This is video by grace harvest ministries taught by the false teaching of Duncan Filmer corrupts the public and causes more harm to those who are hurt or have been abused. The first few minutes of this sermon is abhorrant and intolerable. If one continues to tolerate this type of false teaching one will end up in a sick bed and many in these churches of false teaching are sick and die because they are being taught that it is ok to sin and that it is natural that we all will sin against the truth. 

Molestors and swindolers will announce to you that they are the chief sinners and that you will sin in their congregations. For hearing such announcements one should run immediately according to what the bible says. Rev 2:20-25 This is referring to "soul"/weaker vessel teaching which is twisted not a literal woman like the hegemony of patriarchal leaders like to oppress the other half of the population.