Carnally interpreting symbolism is missing the mark of the truth.

His flesh and blood were symbolic of things that give life such as bread and drink. If we take in His word then His word becomes a part of us internally not externally like the religious would have us believe. His word is bread indeed, and His living water as symbolized by blood that keeps us alive as it courses through our heart and body keep us alive. Understanding the parables is being able to crack beyond the superficial shell of "white washed tombs of dead men's bones, the outward cup." Constantine the Roman Emperor and first pope gathered together all the peoples by changing the calendar, renaming pagan holidays and replacing all things Hebrew with secularized constructs in order to control the people and conquer them.

Correct dates, names and events are imperative to understand the truth for truth. Lies have been replaced for truth and many  are led astray doing fertility rituals of easter egg hunts and rituals that have been taught to us and passed down the generations to our own children by us. Yet, the true holy days are not the same as holidays of man made pagan expression that have other meanings than the truth. We know if we follow the true holy days given by Yahuwah our Creator, that we would be meeting with Him in spirit and in truth. Not in fake man made dogma and switched spelling of holidays to appear as if they are holy days. Three days and three nights after the Passover is not Easter but is the feast of first fruits. Constantine in the 3rd century "got rid of all things Hebrew. Unleavened breads, the feasts of YHWH,etc." the early set apart ones were persecuted for righteousness sake. 

Idol a tree...Idolatry. No matter how you cut it up, it's still dead and if you erect it as if it is alive and decorate it with silver and gold, placing gifts under it as an altar, kneeling down to gaze upon the dead thing,made to look alive,but twice dead and cut off at the base, cut off of the face of the earth with false illumination upon it, it still represents the person who chooses to worship it's idol. The god of this world's system, satan loves to be laughing all the way as he gets you to break YHWH's commandments. Have no idols. Idols can be a rock star, a sport's star, a presidential candidate, a pastor, even you, depending upon how much you lift up yourself and your image to others. Beware, do not teach false teaching. We are not to be like "the world" in confusion,but we are to come out of her My people.