Are you tired of operating like a business of "the world" and ready to understand how our Creator wants us to obey Him to functionally minister as His body? Then this test is for you. The questions on the Good Shepherd Test is for all pastors and leaders who want to examine their present day modus operandum and check to see if it is in alignment with how our savior would like for us to operate as His "set apart " ekklesia/"church". 

This ministry is a support to you as a human soul and leader in your community to help you to discover the deficits in your leadership, build you up in your weak areas, and help the body become nourished with life by operating "in spirit and in truth". 

If you are or know of any pastor who could use an anonymous spiritual check up and become accountable to teaching and operating with a greater understanding of our Creator's ways, please contact us to interview with our biblical capacity advocate  who will test your understanding of various interactions and 

help you to be able to have a clearer method of leading in "spirit and in truth".