This is type of teaching in the church that we are not to follow after YHWH's law is not good!! I looked up the opposite(or so I thought.. was the opposite..)with the same references.. nomianism but what i found is that many easily misread the definition and form the basis for the nomianism definition with a false and twisted meaning producing the mystery of lawlessness. 

To those who do not understand meanings, nor have the attention span to research a thing out or be taught what an equivocal meaning can imply, confusion and misunderstanding results. What does it mean? What does it mean to you? Do definitions take on different meanings to those who misunderstand versus understand the implications or results of a certain meaning? Yes. 

Many go astray because of their lack of knowledge and many perish because they are led to believe what they are told means this concept or that concept. Be discerning and take your time to understand meanings.

The unfortunate thing is that, when we base our theology on a false premise, taught by a false teacher, the end result is false too... and that can lead to undesired consequences! Also known as penalties for following or falling for schemes in the dark/ignorance. Yikes! 

It's time to wake up and know what it is that you have been taught, what it is that you believe and what is the truth. Careful examination of what is in you, upon analyzing why you do what you do can benefit you and save your life! 

Salvation is not "just believing without action or proof". If that were the case, "even the demons believe and yet they are not saved." 

Better check out whose trough/feed box you have been feeding from and check the belief systems of your organization or leader because no amount of crying, weeping or gnashing of teeth will change your outcome if you do not examine the truth.

The truth is... Yahuwsha came and obeyed YHWH's will and His commandments. He asks us to follow Him, "KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS" and do likewise until our life is finished. 

He did not abolish the commandments and the commandments or the law did not perish on the cross. The one who followed and obeyed perished but that was because they did not want to obey them and they killed Him and all others who obeyed the truth. 

Do you "Kill/murder" your sister/brother who obeys or attempts to be a true disciple? Do you think by your disapproval or rejection of them that you are right because you don't think you need to obey the truth? Better check yourself.

click on H2329 /circle and H776 /earth. Read the full definition to see where the circle is located and the shape of the earth/land. Not sea, not sky.

The definition of nomianism below can be twisted beyond measure by the casual reader not trained to critically analyze the many layers of possible meaning in efforts to validate the antinomistic stance of not following after YHWH's law. 

It is an insult to one's integrity to confuse dogma with doctrinal truth. Paul the apostle had the "GRACE to understand the meaning that YHWH imparted to him" after he was confronted by Yahuwsha and "blinded by the light". 

He had to war with those in his time who were gnostic, as well as other sects, that would attempt to twist the understanding of the early church disciples. 

Paul taught well to the early church and used parables, metaphors and symbolism just like Yahuwsha did to get the meanings across to those "who had ears to hear", yet many today twist his meaning and cause many to stumble. We know that faith does not go without action and that words with no action are meaningless.. 

Ever had anyone say to you, "God is so good, be warmed and be fed, we know that you were stolen from and maligned but God will work everything out for you, good bye.".... That is not faith with works. No, that is placating with no action. 

That is antinomianism based on the false foundation that the definition of nominism is "Legalistic" rather than legal. The term "legalistic" is a pejorative meaning as an insult. Legal is not the same meaning as legalistic though.

 To follow after the true meaning of God's law is approved by God and to be found in the confines or liberty of safety of His will and legal protection. To be within the law/legal we have liberty to care for one another and to produce action. 

The false teachers "look the other way" and teach that to be in adherance to law means legastic but that is not the truth and their twisted teaching will only prove to produce rebellious, undisciplined converts (who will be chasing them around hell eventually). 

Repent! Their twisting of their meaning is not the truth and is a fallicious attempt to malign God's true reason for His law. The law of the Lord is good! Obey Him not false teachers. 

Here below is the link of the difficult to understand and easily misread "false foundation"/ definition so that you are aware of slanted meanings..that would steal from you to obey the truth. 

 It's akin to labeling someone as  "disciplistic" putting  a spin on a word and causing the word to mean something evil instead of good... as if that is a sin to become a disciple!

See if you can parse between what it says and what others may misinterpret for their false foundation to teach others the mystery of lawlessness.

When will the sheeples wake up and start to think for themselves? Only when they leave Babylon confusion in the false sheep pens with hireling pastors who have hegemonically set themselves up as if they are teaching the truth of what God really means.

To be of legal age is good. To be a lawbreaker is bad and has consequences. Go ahead, try not wearing your seat belt when driving.. see how far your liberty goes and don't stop if a policeman tries to pull you over. If you do that you are lawless and that brings consequences that could prove to be the death of you. 

Best to obey the laws of the land and obey God's laws as they give you protection. Don't listen to those who have been seduced with the mystery of lawlessness in false systems.